Venom Power Servers

Venom Power is our exclusive system for bringing the single fastest web hosting environment there is, leading to a whopping 30X increase in performance. Venom Power uses the latest in SSD technology, the single fastest SSD technology in the world – NVMe SSD. These drives bring transfers speeds of up to 3000MBPS, incomparable to even the fastest standard enterprise SSD drives out there. Venom Power also includes the LiteSpeed Enterprise web server, LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress, Enterprise DDOS Protection, and E5 Powerhouse Servers – the building blocks that make Venom Power the most powerful website hosting environment on the internet!

Blazing Fast Web Server, Litespeed Enterprise

Our Venom Power servers are equipped with the LiteSpeed Enterprise web server which is the fastest web server on the internet and compatible with everything that apache is compatible with due to its drop-in replacement system.

WordPress Optimization, Litespeed Cache

Our Venom Power servers also come with the renown LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress, caching your data on the web server level which means no configuration changes on your end. This accelerates your WordPress websites with the fastest WordPress caching system in the world. You’re still free to use your own cache as well.

Shattering Disk Speeds, NVME SSD Technology

Our Venom Powered plans come with the latest in SSD technology, the new NVMe SSD drives. These drives reach outstanding speeds that are incomparable to the already fast standard enterprise SSD drives. These speeds reach up to 3,000GB/S transfer speeds, resulting in the fastest web hosting experience you’ve ever seen

E5 Octa-Core Processors, Highend Powerhouse Servers

We deploy all Venom Power plans on high-end E5 Powerhouse servers. These multiprocessor E5 machines are the best of the best in the industry when it comes to sheer CPU power. This means faster web hosting, much more power behind your websites than other lower-end server models found on our competitors’ sites.